Saturday, March 25, 2006

Day One

Today, we took a day off. With a friend and her daughter, we went to one of the local lakes for a day of fishing. Our friend got the only fish and, since one is not enough for dinner, we let it go at the end of the day. My daughter and my wife seemed to do a great job of snaring each other's line. My son did an excellent job of snaring his own line. As for me, I fared little better. I found a fish, but I could not catch him. The first lure was too big to swallow; he just played with it. The next lure I tried stayed too close to the surface to interest him. The next lure he took for about a twenty foot ride before I lost him. After that, I lost all track of him - he probably moved on. Oh, well. It was a good day of fishing, anyway.

When we got home, we checked on the puppies that were born last week. All ten surviving puppies are doing well, in spite of the weather. It has been colder at night this week that it was all winter. The goats, the dogs and the cats were all fed and watered for the night.


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