Friday, November 01, 2013

Time to Clear The Air!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Today's Morning Suprise....


Friday, July 05, 2013

The New Dog

Yesterday, on Independence Day, I dropped in over at the Rock'n S Ranch to pick up a dog. They had not been able to agree on a name for her, so she did not answer to anything. She does understand sit and lay.

Getting her into the car was a challenge! The only times she had been in a car were to go to the vet and to move to a new home. She did not want either of these, so it took more than a few minutes to get her to climb in on her own. Once in, she settled down immediately and lay on the back seat for the trip back to our ranch.

Back on the ranch, I opened the car door to let her out. As soon as I closed the door, she saw Houdini. He is big. At 120 pounds, the vet said he was underweight. She took one look at him and dived under the truck. If she had a tail, I would bet that it would have been between her legs!

I saw her this morning, seated next to the barn compound fence, and greeted her by petting her and scratching behind her ears.

This evening, she was missing. As I did my walk-around, I found where the fence had been torn from one posts. It was at the end of one roll of fence material and the beginning of another. I rigged a patch and continued my walk-around. She, however, was nowhere to be found. I hope she will turn up in the morning.

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A New Kid

This evening, when I went to feed the animals, I got a suprise! A new mama had brought out her kid!

A new mama brought out her new kid, just to show off. This kid is not exactly a new-born. I noticed that the umbilical cord has already dropped off and the legs are no longer wobbly. My best guess is that the kid is four to six days old. I cannot tell the sex: to do that, I would have to catch it and it cannot. The ked wants nothing to do with me and will not let me near. Maybe my wife or daughter will have better luck when they get back from California.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Ghost Town That Wouldn't Die

This morning, I left Needles, California headed east on I-40. I pulled into a rest area, just before the end of the Mohave Desert and took a few pictures

Rolling on into Arizona, I saw a sign for a historic ghost town, Oatman, Arizona. Just before Kingman, Arizona, I got off of the Interstate and headed west down Historic Route 66. Oatman was twenty-two miles off of the Interstate. This took me into the mountains on a road that I would swear was designed by burros for burros! Once I passed Cool Spring, the speed limit dropped to twenty miles-per-hour. Believe me, on that road, you dare not go much faster!

Back and forth, always climbing until the top of the pass. Then, down the other side. The scenery was beautiful! The photos below show the view south from the top and the smaller one shows the detail of the elevation.

Looking north, toward Oatman, the scenery was breath-taking. Especially since I would now be driving down from the pass!

The town of Oatman was an old gold mining town. In its heyday, burros were used to transport goods into town, to work the mines and just about everything else. It virtually shut down during World War II when the government closed their mines. As the people left, the burros were let loose to fend for themselves. But the town did not die. Now, it is a tourist trap. The descendants of the released burros wander the streets and the nearby mountains. They are wild and, according to the signs, will kick and bite. Federal law protects the burros, so they pretty much have the run of the town.

The first store I passed driving into town was the Post Office. The town has its own Zip Code - 86433. Anything mailed there gets a special postmark. Going through town, there are about two dozen old buildings, all refurbished and selling everything from groceries and beer to leather goods, art work, jewelry, knives and sulveneers. The town also sports several restaurants and a saloon.

I did not see a doctor's or dentist's office, a medical clinic, a hospital or an ambulance service. There is no flat ground, either in town or in the immediate area, for a medivac helocopter to land. Don't get sick or injured here because it is a long, slow ride to the nearest hospital!

Route 66 continues west, twisting and turning its way for miles, down to the Mohave Desert, toward Death Valley, CA. I did not take it.

Instead, I turned around and headed east on Route 66, back up and over the pass and down to I-40. I made it before noon and headed east on the Interstate.

After a while, I decided to get some lunch. I pulled over in Williams, Arizona. This is the home of the Grand Canyon Railway. I wandered around the railroad depot for a while to stretch my legs. Of course, I took a few pictures. Then, I got back on I-40 and headed for the New Mexico state line.

I ran out of day and pulled over for the night in Gallup, New Mexico.

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Time for Me to Head For Home

Well, the planned time is up. But, of course, the work is not done. I have to head back to the ranch and to my off-the-ranch job. My wife and our children, however, have no such deadline; so, they are staying for an additional week or two to (hopefully) get the work done. Since the plan was to rent a van or a box truck to bring her share back, this is not a real problem. I will take the car and the three of them can ride in the truck.

I rolled out after church and after lunch, headed for Interstate 40. Rolling along on California 14, I pulled into an area which overlooked the whole Antelope Valley. A nickname for this valley is Aerospace Valley, because of Edwards Air Force Base and the aerospace contractors who had, and in a few cases, still have offices, laboratories and factories in this valley. Many, many historic events took place, including numerous space shuttle landings.

Once I got on I-40, I headed for the Arizona state line. I-40 follows the route of the now decommissioned US Route 66. This is the legendary highway of the days before the Interstate Highway System that ran from Chicago to Los Angeles. It even inspired a television show in the 1950s.

I-40 took me across the Mohave Desert - mile after mile of it. Along the way, I saw a road sign - Twenty Mule Team Road. This reminded me of the old television show, Death Valley Days, with their team of twenty mules pulling two wagons of borax and a water wagon.

This image is from Wikipedia.

I did not make Arizona. I pulled over in Needles, California, and called it a night at the Model 6.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Today, we took time off and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. This theme park is known for its roller coasters and it has a mess of them. Check out their web site!

Getting in and parking were free. We are season pass holders from Six Flags Fiesta Texas and those season passes are good at any of the Six Flags theme parks. That includes parking, too!

Considering that it is Thursday and school is not out yet, we were surprised at how crowded it was! We later found out that tonight the seniors of some of the local high schools were scheduled to spend all night at the park and it would be open exclusively for them.

This time, one of the original rides, Sky Tower, was open. On the past occasions when we visited, it was always closed. We took the ride to the top and walked around, looking out the windows for almost an hour. I did get some pictures....

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