Saturday, July 16, 2011

May all your days be Circus days!

As you know, Texas is suffering under that huge high pressure system which is making it hot, Hot, HOT! One of our dogs figured out a way to cool off. We just had to catch it in a photograph:

A Visit to West, TX

Today, we took a "mental health day." We enjoyed a day away from the ranch. We drove up to the city of West. Where Fredricksburg is famous for their German food and atmosphere, West is know for their Czech culture and food.

One of their historical displays is this old transfer caboose:

After lunch, we returned to Waco and visited the Mayborn Museum complex on the campus of Baylor University. They are currently hosting a big traveling exhibit explaining how archeology is performed in Egypt. Once away from the Nile River, the shifting sand is forever revealing and hiding old temples, tomgs, buildings and even entire cities.

The designers of the exhibit took great care to show how the artifacts that are found show how the people lived, worshipped, ate and worked.

Within the display, they had a life-like statue of a camel for visitors to sit on and, of course, take pictures of those who sat on it. Here is a picture of our daughter sitting in the saddle.

The Circus:

The "Gold Unit" of Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus was performing in the ExtraCo Events Center at the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds. I know, when you hear of Ringling Brothers circus, you think of a huge three-ring extravaganza that fills huge stadiums. This unit is much smaller - only one ring.

Before the show, this unit has something they call the "all access ore-show." This is hosted by the unit's principal clown, Dean Kelley. He is the "carrot top" clown in the photographs below.

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