Friday, April 14, 2017

John Michael Montgomery at the Melody Ranch

One of our local honky-tonks is the Melody Ranch in Waco, Texas. Back in November of last year, John Michael Montgomery was scheduled to perform. We "bought" a small table for four people, giving us a place to sit and to hold our drinks. But, at the last minute, had to cancel due to illness.

Today, on Good Friday, he performed. (My mother-in-law will have a cow when she finds out what we did on Good Friday! :) ) We got there at about 7 PM and found our table. The Melody Ranch honored our tickets from November. A local DJ was filling the place with music, so I took my wife out on the dance floor for several tunes.

John Michael Montgomery took to the stage at 9:30 pm. Unfortunately, with only my cell phone and the distance to the stage, the photographs are poor quality. The range of brightness in the lighting was more than my cell phone camera could compensate for.

Here is a close-up of John Micheal Montgomery from the photo above. Unfortunately, the detail is all washed out.

A shot of the whole band...

It was a great show!

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