Monday, November 23, 2015

Follow Me!!

On a road with a 75 mph speed limit, I just hate having to wait for and follow this in the morning:

Saturday, November 07, 2015

A German Sausage Fest!!

One of the local churches makes, sells and serves German-style sausages as one of their major fund-raisers. We have been going every year for many years. This year, I decided to take a few pictures. First, and most importantly, the food: sausages -- bar-be-qued (hey, this is Texas, you know), boiled and broiled -- sauerkraut, and both hot and cold potato salad.

Of course, there had to be entertainment. German-style entertainment, of course:

In addition to the on-premise dining, they also packed to-go boxes and sold bulk sausage. The bulk sausage always sells out quickly: it pays to call and place your order in advance. It is a little expansive, $7.50 per pound, but remember, this is a fund raiser!!