Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Been A While...

It's been a while since my last post. I should really get in the habit, again.

Tonight, we shot the puppies. Hmmm.... That sounds wrong. Perhaps I should back up a little.

Around Easter, three female dogs on our property (only one of which is ours.) each dropped a litter of puppies on us. One litter was four pups, another six and one was eight. Of the eight, two subsequently died. This left us with sixteen puppies.

On Sunday, my wife place an order with Valley Vet for Vanguard seven-in-one puppy vaccine shots. UPS delivered the refrigerated order yesterday. Thus, today we shot the puppies.

Our female is a Anatolian Shepard/Great Pyrexes cross. Our fellow ranchers value this cross as guard dogs for their herds, from sheep and goats through cattle and up to exotics, such as oryx. At about twelve weeks, we can sell these. Once we advertize then, they usually sell quickly.

The other two females arrived together, just after a unit from the neighboring military post deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Their pups are available now. Soon, my wife will probably list them on Craig's List with a $10.00 re-homing fee.

It is not unusual for stray dogs and cats to show up after a unit deploys. Some have collar marks in their fur, showing that a collar was recently removed. The stray cats either stay or move on - we do not keep track. We try to find homes for the stray dogs.


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