Monday, September 15, 2014

The Last Leg and Back to Reality

After breakfast, we got on Interstate 40 eastbound. Tomarrow, I have to be at work. My children have had enough road trip for now. My wife, however, really does not want to go home yet. We must, however, as there are animals to feed and we are running out of money for this trip.

Just before the Texas border, we stopped at Russell's Truck and Travel Center in Glen Rio, NM. This, like any other travel center, has a fuel and a restaurant. It also has an automobile museum that is the size of half of a football field. Here are a pair of images from their web site:

Along the walls of the room are display cases filled with toy cars and trucks and other auto-related paraphenalia. In the center of the room are two long islands filled with automobiles and trucks, from a Model T truck through a modern Corvette.

Here is one of the more whimisical items:

From here, we just cut into Texas and got on US 283 until it intersected with US 190, then onto home. Another vacation comes to an end.

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