Saturday, June 06, 2015

Just Another Day in Paradise - Water Line Version

Just as we were rounding up the chickens for the night, liquid began bubbling up through the ground. No, it was not the "bubbling crude" of The Beverly Hillbillies. It was water. One of our water lines had sprung a leak. We very quickly determined that the line was completely severed.

Oh, well, time the turn off the shut-off. Murphy's <censored> Law strikes! Turn the shut-off and the water only diminishes. It does not stop. The shut-off valve has failed. Time to put up some water and shut off all the water at the meter. We put up fifty gallons for the livestock and eight gallons for us to drink and cook with.

Tomorrow will be lots of fun! First, dig up the shut-off valve and replace it. This will allow us to turn on the water to the house. Then, we can fix the failed line in front of the barn. If we don't get the line in front of the barn fixed tomorrow, we can at least run hoses from the outside spigots at the house to ensure that the livestock has water to drink.

When you live on a ranch, as long as no person is in jeopardy, the rule must always be "care for the livestock first" Staff comfort is always second to that rule.

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