Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Mouse in the House

We knew we had one. We had seen it scurrying in the shadows. We never had a clear view of him. We knew he was there. We tried several ways to get him to leave, but they did not work.

This guy was brazen. He did not just come out at night to forage and feed. He was a mouse in the house — in OUR house.

Today, he got his comeuppance. He made his move and we saw him. We moved in front of him and behind him. He had nowhere to turn. The coffee can was ready.... Got him! We dropped the can over him! We slid a piece of cardboard under the can and turned the whole thing right-side up. There he was...

Before he righted himself, we could see that he definitely was a he. We took him outside to the fence between the main and back pastures and dumped him, very unceremoniously, on top of one of the fence posts. He righted himself, again, and glared at me, as if to say, "How dare you to evict me, without any recourse to the courts..."

After standing there for a minute or so, he turned his back and ran down the back side of the fence post. With that, he was gone...

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