Friday, March 31, 2006

That Dang Buck

That dang buck is getting out of hand. We have a large buck that is trying to become herdmaster by splitting the herd. He has succeeded in getting a large number of the younger adult and kids to follow him. His pitch is that he can lead them to better feed off of our land. He and his mini-herd have been breaking out and feeding off of our neighbors' land. Unfortunately, many of these are former suburb dwellers and take a very dim view of the whole thing.

The long-term solution is for that buck to go to auction.

The short-term solution involves reviewing every foot of fence to ensure he does not have a way to get out. An obvious solution would be to lock him up in the barn compound. The barn compound is currently serving as our puppy nursery and the puppies are still too young to get out of this buck's way.

Net result, it looks like this weekend will involve a lot of fence work. Now, if the weather will only hold.....


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