Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Final Four!

Well, we are down to the final four goats in isolation. Only one of the does in isolation is from the original group. It's been two out, a new one in, one out, one in, et. al. since pink-eye first appeared in the herd. Over the last few weeks, no new cases have been noted. I think we may finally have it licked!.

The weather has improved, also. We had two good rains since the last entry: 0.5 inch and 0.3 inch. Enough rain to start greening up the pasture, but a long way from making a dent in the drought.

Fall weather has arrived. The temperature has not broken 95° since the middle of last week. This is great news for our electric bill! (Yes, Wisenheimer, we do have air conditioning here on the ranch!!)

Speaking of energy costs. The price of gasoline appears to be in free-fall!. I bought gasoline for $2.089 yesterday evening!!


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