Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Time to Leave on Vacation

We headed to our nearest Amtrak station to catch the Texas Eagle. We stopped at the home of our part-time ranch hand and my wife's best friend, to pick her up. We also stopped at Subway to grab one of their "foot-long" sandwiches for us to split.

When we got to the station, we said our good-byes and my wife's best friend drove away in our truck. She would be keeping it for us while we were in California.

The train arrived only a few minutes late.

Unfortunately, because we could not reserve a roomette on the Texas Eagle, we were riding in coach until we reached San Antonio. There, we would transfer to the Sunset Limited and have a roomette for the rest of the journey to California.

Since my wife was not feeling well, riding in coach was not very pleasant. Although the seats are wide and very comfortable, she could not adjust her seat to be able to lay down, stretch out and go to sleep.

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