Saturday, October 08, 2016

Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo - Mark Chesnutt Concert

The Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo opened yesterday. It has the usual assortment of livestock, booths selling food, "skill" contests, rides, farm equipment and, did I mention? food. In addition, there is the rodeo and three — count 'em — three concert stages: the Shooter FM stage, the Hometown Stage and the big one — the Bud Light Stage.

To buy anything, you first need to buy tokens. They are used for beer, soda, food and the rides. This year, you get one token for a dollar. The food and drink is overpriced – with a small soda selling for three tokens.

On the Bud Light Stage, there are a number of well-known artists appearing, including Tracey Lawrence, Holly Tucker and Mark Chesnutt. Tonight, it was Mark Chesnutt's turn to light up the stage. This being Texas, the show started with the presentation of the American flag and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. KWTX's Madison Addams sang to an audience of doffed hats and off-key participants.

Shortly after that, Mark Chesnutt took the stage.

Mark Chesnutt has a female drummer who is simply fantastic! Unfortunately, he did not introduce his band, so I could not catch her name. If she has a fan club, sign me up!

You can tell this is Texas. Just look at the cowboy hats in the front rows!

It was a great concert! He mixed lots of his old favorites along with several songs from his new CD.

We had a great time!!

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