Thursday, April 06, 2006

Label That Dang Buck SOLD

Today, we loaded up that dang buck and another large buck we did not want for breeding onto a truck and delivered them to the local livestock auction. Both will be auctioned off tomarrow. With luck, a buyer will want one or both for breeding stock. If this is true, we will get a better price. Otherwise, the will be sold to a slaughterhouse and will probably become two more frozen goat carcuses that are shipped to the Middle East. I have been told, that there is a goat meat shortage due to the disruptions caused by war in Iraq and Afgahnistan. Those two nations used to export goat meat all through the Middle East and southern Europe.

The good news is that ever since we have been keeping that dang buck confined, we have not received any complaints from our neighbor about the mini-herd eating her garden.

Now, we can get back to the serous work of getting the fences fixed.


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