Monday, October 02, 2006

Gasoline for Less Than $2.00 per Gallon

Miracles DO happen. We headed to Sea World in San Antonio on Saturday. We buy the two-year season passes, so this is not an expensive trip, except for the gasoline. As we went through Lampasas, we bought gasoline at (believe this, or not) $1.929 per gallon! We filled up the tank on the truck for less than $50.00.

More good news! Sea World will be open throught the end of the year! Usually, they shut down the tourist areas just after the Halloween season. For us, its a relaxing day. I know, we have seen all of the shows several times each. With animal actors, no two shows are ever quite the same, however. The rides are fun. Because the food is overpriced, we eat before we arrive and after we leave. We seldom eat in the park.

At the Hall-O-Scream show in the Shamu theater, they did a dance-for-a-prize contest. They invite everyone to get up and dance. The audience votes by applauding and cheering. Guess who won? Yours truley, of course. I just did a little dance from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. The one called Do a Little Side-Step. The crowd went wild every time I took off my hat while I was dancing on the JumboTron. My prize? A large plush Shamu. We had a good time, as usual.


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