Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just Another Day

Good News!
We got a little more rain, about one and a quarter inches. This is great! Just enough to soak in. Not so much that it all runs off. With the rain we have been having, the main pasture is starting to green up. This is good news for the herd and, of course, our wallets. We will need to buy less hay and goat pellets.

More Good News!
We are down to two does in isolation. We pronounced one clear this evening and returned her to the herd! I hope we return the other two by the weekend. If so, this outbreak of pink-eye is finally over.

Not so good news...
One of our older does is experiencing significant weakness. We have not determined the cause. We isolated her in the house compound, gave her an additional dose of worming medication and a vitamin B complex injection. Now, we wait and see if she improves.


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