Monday, November 27, 2006

Finally, Some More Rain

Today, it actually rained a little. Unfortunately, it was not enough to measure. The last time it rained was October 25!. According to KWTX-TV, we are nine inches short of our annual rainfall for 2006. At this point, we only have five weeks left in the year. For the next few days, we have a 20% chance of rain. A 20% chance! This is NOT good.

Because of the lack of rain, we jumped at the chance to buy hay at $4.50 per square bale. That is the best deal we have seen in a while. One of the local wildlife management areas along Stillhouse Lake was cutting and baling hay as a wildfire control mechanism. Because the water level is very low, grasses began to grow in the areas that are normally under water. A wildfire in this grass will polute the lake, which is a water supply for a large area from Georgetown to Mexia to Lampasas. Removing the hay removes the fuel.

I do have some good news on two fronts, but I am not allowed to tell you about it. I promised my wife, author of Raisin' Kids, that I would let her post the news first.

Thanksgiving is now over; it's time to prepare for Christmas. Bah, Humbug! When I was asked what I want for Christmas, all I could answer was "peace on Earth"


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