Friday, November 03, 2006

That Dang Dog is Finally GONE!

That dang dog is finally gone!! One of my wife's fliers caught someone's attention and they said they wanted Max. About half an hour later, they picked him up.

Our problem all along has been that his markings are too much like a Rottwieler. Realize, he is only about 40 pounds, or so. That makes him very small for a Rottwieler. He has the personality, and unfortunately, the mentality, of a Labrador Retriever. His need to chase makes him useless on the ranch. Anyway, he is no longer our worry!

In his new home, he will have children to play with and a yard to run around in. If he chases small animals, no one will care. The only samll animals where he is going are squirrels, other rodents and stray cats. With the children, he should get a lot more human interaction - this is something he really craves, but did not get on the ranch,where he was only one of a bunch of dogs and kept in our isolation compound most of the time. In his new home, he should be very happy.


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