Friday, December 29, 2006

Disaster for a Neighbor

Disaster has struck one of our neighbors. On Tuesday, the ambulance came to transport her to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. She had a miscarriage and was bleeding severely. This was to be her third child. Her other two children stayed with her parents while she, with her husband at her side, was in the hospital. Since she was released, the children have been staying with us for the last two days to give her a little time to recover. She is expected to recover fully and should be able to have more children in the future.

I wish her husband had called us, or another neighbor, to drive him to the hospital. Although he would deny it, I doubt he was in any emotional condition to be driving. As my defensive driving instructor taught, when you see an ambulance in a hurry, beware of the destraught relative driving recklessly trying to follow the ambulance. Many times, the ambulance can trigger the traffic lights to give it a short green light. At the very least, the cross traffic should stop for the ambulance. That relative following the ambulance may very well run red lights to try and keep up.


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