Monday, February 05, 2007

The Water Heater Died

Just our luck.... The water heater died. That's the bad news. The good news is that we have a Sears master extended warantee agreement. The Sears technicial camd out and told us the propane valve needs to be replaced, but they do not make the valve we need any more -- some story about it not meeting current statndards. He said Sears would replace the hot water heater at their cost and he ordered us a replacement.

A few days later, the new hot water heater arrived. The only problem - it is the wrong one. We need a fifty-gallon propane heater with a power vent, because the flue runs out the side of the house instead of up through the roof. The one they sent does not have a power vent. A new one is ordered.

Several days later, we are told that Sears no longer sells fifty-gallon propane heaters with a power vent. They will have to order one from another vender.

The next day, we are told that fifty-gallon hot water heaters with a power vent are no longer made. A quick search of the web tells us that there are at least three companies which make them, one of which is Whirlpool and Sears sells Whirlpool hot water heaters. We are being lied to.

We go down to the local Sears store and talk to a saleswoman and to her manager. The saleswoman was the one who attempted to place the original order for the replacement - the one which arrived without the power vent. Her manager gave us $400.00 which we used to order a fifty-gallon propane fired hot water heater with a power vent from Lowe's home improvement store across the street. On the web:

Because of the power vent, the hot water heater cost more than $400.00 Sears allowed us. Because Lowe's does not have themin stock, we had to special order it. We were told it would arreive by February 8, 2007.

After it arrives, Sears is supposed to install it.

In the mean time, we are heating water on the stove for baths and dishes. Fortunately, the dishwasher heats its own water and most of the dishes can go through the dish washer. Washing clothes is out, however. Unfortunately, we live out in the country and the nearest laundrimat is in town. Going to the laundrimat will be a major undertaking.



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