Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fourth of July

This year, we decided to do something different. Instead of going to Fort Hood to watch fireworks, we decided to go to Waco and watch the HEB fireworks display "over the Brazos River." This show is part of Waco's big annual Fourth of July celebration at Indian Spring Park.  For those who are not familiar with Waco, Indian Spring Park is best known for the old suspension bridge which to connects Indian Spring Park to Martin Luther King Park, on the other side of the Brazos River.  This bridge, which opened in 1869, was build by John A. Roebling - the same engineer who later built the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

Across University Park Drive from the perk, a large stage was set up and a number of bands performed on it during the day. Along the road and in the park, a number of vendors were selling various items of food and drink, including a bar selling beer, wine and mixed drinks.

The weather was hot. According to the thermometer in our truck, the temperature was 109F! Much of the music was not to our taste. Starting somewhere between 9:00 Pm and 9:30 PM, A concert band took the stage and began playing patriotic music and military marches.

The fireworks started about 10:0PM. What a show! It made the Fort Hood show look like small potatoes. It ran for about 40 minutes. It was mostly various star bursts, with very few aerial bombs. Fort Hood, on the other hand, loves their bombs.

Thank you, HEB, for that magnificent show!

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