Saturday, July 21, 2007

Concert in Copperas Cove

This evening, we went to a concert in a park. The nearby city of Coppearas Cove runs a series of concerts each summer at their Ogletree Gap park to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs. See their web site:

Tonight's concert featured, from right to left (Hey! What can I say? I'm dyslexic.): Jud Caswell from Maine, Saylor White and his son, Keynon, and David Allen.

I am almost positive that we have seen and heard David Allen before. Since he mentioned that he owned a house on Lake Buchanan, it was probably at the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) park, Canyon of the Eagles. There is a good, but pretentious (and, thus, expensive), resteraunt in the park and some times they have local artists perform.

My wife liked Jud Caswell and David Allen. She did not like the music of Saylor and Keynon White, although she and I were impressed by Keynon White's ability with a guitar.

For a change, weather was not a problem. The music is played in the group picnic pavilion. Both the musicians and the audience have a roof over out heads to protect us from the rain. Of course, if the wind is really blowing, that roof alone will not help much!

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