Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Weather Becomes Normal, At Least for Now.

Normal weather for this time of year in central Texas is, in a word, warm. Usually, beautiful blue skys and lots of sun. Well, that is what is here. Up until now, it has been cool and rainy. Flooding has been a major problem. Even today, there are a few places where a stream was still up over the road.

With the warm weather, my wife turned on the air conditioner. Guess what? It did not work. A quick scan of the wiring revealed the reason. One of our gol-darned puppies chewed the control cable between the house and the compressor. A segment of wire, about a foot long, was totally missing.

Sounds simple, right? Not so! The dang-nab wire runs under the house to the heater/air conditioner! There was no way I could accomplish that. So, I bought thirty feet of two-wire 18-guage wire and ran it up into the attic from the heater/air conditioner, then along the attic, out through the south wall and finally, down to the compressor. The rest of the electrical connection was simple.

Did I say simple? Yes, the wiring was. My wife and I found another problem! Over the years, the fan has pulled dust, dirt, leaves and other debris into the cooling coil. We tried to vacuum it out, but the cooling coil runs all around the unit and to get at most of it, we would have to totally disassemble the compressor housing. This is a job for a professional. If we get a good crop of kids this year, we will be able to afford it next spring when the kids are ready to sell.

The air conditioning is running and cooling the house. That is enough for now.



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