Sunday, April 08, 2007

It was a cold day in hell...

Today was the coldest Easter weekend in the recorded history of central Texas!  Yesterday, we got over four inches of snow!  This was the latest snowfall in central Texas by over a month as well as the largest snowfall since 1982!  What did we do to diserve His "cold sholder" on Easter?

Other strange happenings... On Thursday, our lead dog, Spirit, found a chicken on the property.  Yes, she was alive and, no, Spirit did not hurt her.  The question is:  Where did she come from?  There are at least two nearby ranches that raise that breed of chicken, along with at least one more that usually raises a different breed.  Or did someone just start trying to raise chickens?  We do not have the faintest idea.  If someone comes to the door asking about a chicken, they can have her.

We did have a good Easter, even if we could not leave the house, except for a snowball fight. We still make the traditional cheese paska. Dinner was a ham with all the trimmings. By this evening, almost all of the snow was gone.

Tomarrow, it is back to the daily grind....

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