Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Water Heater Arrived, But No Technician

The other day, my wife talked to the Sears technician. He will be on vacation friday, February 16 through Monday, February 19.

Guess when we recieved a call from Lowe's - Friday morning! The water heater has arrived! Murphy's Law strikes again. You have no idea how frustrated my wife is.... Guess who is going to have to install a how water heater? Yours truely, of course...

This morning, we trooped down to the Lowe's store, loaded up the hot water heater, bought some additional parts and headed home.

First, we have to remove the old water heater. It does take a while to drain a fifty-gallon tank through the little valve at the bottom of the tank. We got the old one out fairly easily. Now to install the new one....

Murphy's Law strikes again! The old water heater had the flue on the right. The new one, of course, has it on the left. Now, we need to move the flue - another trip to Lowe's for parts for the flue and for another, longer flexible water pipe.

After that, the water heater went in without a problem. Now, it is working great! Ahhh! To be able to have a hot bath or shower without carrying stock pots full of hot water!



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