Sunday, February 25, 2007

Where Did Winter Go?

Here we are, it is still the middle of winter. This weekend was beautiful. The low was in the fifties and the high in the seventies. According the Laura Skirde, the KXAN weather forecaster in Austin, it is going to be like this all week. The new weather forecaster on KWTX in Waco agrees with her. Where did the winter go?

This weekend, we pulled down about one hundred feet of three-foot fence in the southwest corner of the main pasture and replaced it with four-foot fence. The eleven-week old puppies were jumping over the three-foot fence. They saw the hill on the other side and got both bold and stupid. To get over the four-foot fence, they will need to learn to climb. Unfortunately, their mother is uniquely skilled to teach them. She climbs up and over ranch gates.

We also replaced some broken horse fence up by the rental unit. We put up one hundred feed of three-foot high fence. It is a start toward allowing our tenant to let their dog off of the chain and allowing him to run in a fenced in enclosure.

While we were out, we looked at the trees and shrubs. The trees are starting to put out buds already. The bushes are being a little more conservative - no buds yet, but the swellings are there.



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