Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Beautiful Spring Day

It was a beautiful spring day! Unfortunately, we had a ditch to dig - by hand, no less! We have a leak in a buried PVC water pipe. It is probably a six-inch longsection, but it is somewhere in 500 feet of pipe. Net result, we have to dig up the pipe to find the leak. The pipe is buried anywhere from a foot to two feet down. It is slow, sweaty work and there is no shade. This is one of the reasons I wear a cowboy hat - it is portable shade that keeps the sun off of my face and neck. I may be a redneck, but I do not have a red neck!

In the process, we are digging up rocks - lots of them! Rather than put the rocks back when we are done, we have a better use for them. We are using the rocks to fill in some holes in the driveway. With all the rain earlier in the spring, some potholes opened up. Now, its time to fill them up.


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