Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

This year we did something different. We took a weekend and went to San Antonio. San Antonio is in the southern central part of Texas. It is the home of the Alamo, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Sea World, and too many dog-gone people. Over the years we lived here in Texas, the population of San Antonio has exploded, generating an unbelieveable amount of suburban sprawl.

On Saturday, we went to Sea World. That was the first day of their new water coaster, Journey to Atlantis. It is a leg up on their cross-town competition. They have Power Surge: a large boat is pulled up the grade, roller-coaster style where it rides around, finally dropping down a steep ramp into a watercourse. This new ride is Power Surge on steroids. You go up much higher. The track has two turn-tables which turn the car around. Finally, its down the hill and drift back to the loading platform. Becasue it is early in the season, there was no crowds and virtually no lines.

On Mother's Day, our son laid the plans - we planned to visit a museum and then walk on the River Walk. Unfortunately, our daugher fouled it up. She did not get ther project fininshed before we left. This project is equivalent to a major test grade. Net result, we had to cut the day short and come home early.

When we left the motel, instead of hitting one of the usual breakfast places, we tried something different. We went to a Mexican restaurant for breakfast! No, it was not one of the major chains - but that is part of the fun of doing something different. The food was great!

The museum our son picked was the Texas Transportation Museum. We should have known - it is heavy on the trains. Check it out: Included in the $6.00 admission fee is a train ride pulled by their Baldwin diesel-electric. We rode in the transfer caboose shown in the photograph.

In addition to this loco- motive, they also have another diesel- electric and two steam locomotives. Neither is currently operating.

They also have a small O guage, a large HO guage and a large G guage model railroad layout. In addition to the trains, they also have a number of antique cars and trucks, including two firetrucks and a tractor. The museum is very much a work in progress. The staff is all-volunteer and very knowledgable.

After the museum, we headed toward home. We did stop for dinner at a unique restaruant - Green Mesquite Bar-B-Q Restaurant. I say this is unique for three reasons: 1) It is in s strip mall. 2) This is the first barbeque restaurant we have been two that offers table service, insead of cafeteria style. 3) They offer a "family dinner" for four that put a huge tray of meat in front of us. Best of all, the price was very reasonable. We may well stop there again.

Yes, our daughter did get her project done. But for the next few weeks, she will be in the dog house, at least in momma's eyes.


Blogger Kami Huyse said...

We are so glad that you enjoyed the new coaster (JTA). Just so you know, we have a website about it at We are also looking for photos and video from our guests that want to share. I am a consultant for SeaWorld San Antonio and came across your posting.

May 15, 2007 9:21 AM  

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