Monday, June 04, 2007

Rain, Rain, Go Away - For Now..

It rained again today. I know should count my blessings - the east pasture is over knee high, the stock tank is full, the trees are in full leaf and the main pasture is doing great. But it rained again today. I have a full time job off the ranch that keeps me busy five days each week. That means most of the outdoor work at the ranch has to be done on the weekends. But it is real hard to do it in the rain, especailly a thunder storm. Not only does the wind and rain make work difficult, but the lighening is downright dangerous to be out in.

I managed to change the oil, the oil filter and air filter on the truck. Started on the car, but only got the PCV valve changed before the weather turned. I ended up barbequing in the rain for dinner.

Good news! The price of gasoline is down to $2.859 per gallon at the local Valero station and at Wal*Mart's Murphy station. There is no excuse for the prices. I hope Congress clobbers both the oil companies and the credit card issuers for their policies that gouge the customers. Both are making record profits.


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