Friday, July 09, 2010

Time To Leave

We had a 2:40 PM train to catch. Time to take the Texas Eagle home again.

My in laws dropped us off just before two o'clock, but without stopping for lunch. Let's face it: for a train that departs at 2:40, Amtrak will not open the diner car until dinner at about 5 PM. So, while my wife and daughter watched our luggage, my son and I headed across the street to Olivera Street and grabbed Mexican food packaged to-go to take on the train.

As soon as we got back to Union Station, we heard our train called over the public address system. We grabbed all our stuff and headed for the track, bypassing the pre-boarding check-in. We found our roomettes and stowed our stuff, then took our lunch to the lounge car. It was still empty. Too bad we did not have time to stop at "Union Bagel" and grab something to drink, as the snack bar was closed.

While we ate, several people passed through. Some asked where we got the food. We replied Olivera Street. We were complemented on our foresight several times.

The train left on time.

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