Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Daughter's Birthday

A few days ago, my daughter had another birthday. To celebrate, she wanted to go hiking. We planned it for the next good day - let's face it, spring is the rainy season in Texas. therefore, I took the 18th off and we went to Colorado Bend State Park.

We were deep in the woods, hiking back to the car, when we heard a rumble in the distance. We thought it was a pop-up thunder storm, since they are common at this time of year. Where we were a storm could easily sneak up on us unobserved and either drench y=us or blow by without us ever seeing it. When we got out of the woods, the sky was clear. Once we returned to the car and was driving out of the park, the radio told us about the explosion in West, Texas. Considering the size of the explosion, we wondered if it was a passing storm we heard or was it the explosion 80 miles away?

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