Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

We crossed over to the east side of Winslow for breakfast.

After breakfast at the Falcon Restaurant, we started back west on US-66. In the center of town, there is a small park named "Standing on the Corner Park." It is named, of course, after the famous song, "Take It Easy", by the Eagles. We had to stop there and take pictures - these are on my wife's and my daughter's camera.

In the days of steam locomotives, the railroad had the biggest engine shop in the southwest on the south side of Winslow. It is all gone, now. All we saw of it were pictures in the museum. (Sigh!)

From Winslow, we drove Arizona 87 southwest into the Coconino National Forest. Our map indicated dramatic scenery and other natural wonders along that route. The map was right.

We stopped at the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park late in the day. This did not leave us much time to hike the trails. The highlight of this park is the huge natural bridge with a river flowing underneath it. We started with the overlooks which view the bridge from just below the level of the top of the bridge. We considered hikig the trail down to the river, but decided against it because of the lateness of the day and because my wife's knee was giving her difficulties.

We did hike along the top of the bridge to all of the overlooks and did take a much shorter trip down to a waterfall. The trip down was easy; coming up was a different story. By the time we reached the trailhead at the top again, I was out of breath and my wife had to sit down and get off of her knee. My daughter walked back and fetched our car.

As we were running out of day, we decided to head north, back toward Interstate 40 and find some dinner and lodging. By the time we got there, most of the interesting restaurants were closed and we ended up having dinner at Denny's. Thankfully, they are always open and their food is dependably good.

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