Sunday, June 23, 2013

Time for Me to Head For Home

Well, the planned time is up. But, of course, the work is not done. I have to head back to the ranch and to my off-the-ranch job. My wife and our children, however, have no such deadline; so, they are staying for an additional week or two to (hopefully) get the work done. Since the plan was to rent a van or a box truck to bring her share back, this is not a real problem. I will take the car and the three of them can ride in the truck.

I rolled out after church and after lunch, headed for Interstate 40. Rolling along on California 14, I pulled into an area which overlooked the whole Antelope Valley. A nickname for this valley is Aerospace Valley, because of Edwards Air Force Base and the aerospace contractors who had, and in a few cases, still have offices, laboratories and factories in this valley. Many, many historic events took place, including numerous space shuttle landings.

Once I got on I-40, I headed for the Arizona state line. I-40 follows the route of the now decommissioned US Route 66. This is the legendary highway of the days before the Interstate Highway System that ran from Chicago to Los Angeles. It even inspired a television show in the 1950s.

I-40 took me across the Mohave Desert - mile after mile of it. Along the way, I saw a road sign - Twenty Mule Team Road. This reminded me of the old television show, Death Valley Days, with their team of twenty mules pulling two wagons of borax and a water wagon.

This image is from Wikipedia.

I did not make Arizona. I pulled over in Needles, California, and called it a night at the Model 6.

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