Thursday, June 06, 2013

Vacation 2013

We are headed out on vacation, again. It is not totally a pleasure trip. We are driving out to visit my mother-in-law. Last spring, my wife's father died and now, her mother wants to reduce har "footprint" and move into s smaller place. The plan is to rent out the old homestead in the canyon for enough to pay the rent on the smaller place and have a little left over. This, of course, means going through more than fifty years of accumulated stuff and memories, keeping some, giving some to my wife and her siblings, giving some to friends and charities, and throwing away whatever is left over.

We plan to arrive on Saturday, just in time for a big shindig that my brother-in-law is running for the other residents of the canyon where the homestead is. No, this event is not being held in our honor, but it is a good time for my wife to chat with people she knew when she was growing up.

Sunday, we will be the guests of honor at the church's monthly pot-luck dinner. A week later, my wife and I will mark the thirtieth anniversary of our wedding in that same church.

I will try to be good about recording our vacation this year.....

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