Sunday, June 02, 2013

And the Cowboy Rides Away....

It has been a while, again. It just gets so busy around the ranch...

Yesterday, we went to the Alamodome in San Antonio to see the concert. The place was packed with 74,000 fans. Unfortunately, our seats were up in the "nosebleed section." The tickets for this event sold out in six minlutes. Somehow, most of the tickets seemed to end up in the hands of the ticket scalpers who, of course, gouged the fans for even the worst tickets.

The show started with a fiddle group, the Q... Sisters. The the "no name" local opening act, they were very good. I was pleasantly surprised. The stage was circular and in the middle of the arena. It rotated about 350 degrees in one direction, then reversed and went in the other direction.

Martina followed the sisters. I had never seen Martina in concert before.She did mostly old standbys, but she did some new stuff also. She was not comfortable with the rotating stage, remarking that it was freaking her out a little.

My favorite performer on this ticket, Miranda Lambert, came on next. She did some stuff from her "Gunpowder and Lead" tour along with her new hit single, Mama's Broken Heart." Although I am not always thrilled with her voice, I really like her music and what she has to say. As a refugee from folk music, this is more important than the presentation.

George Streit, the headliner on this ticket and my wife's favorite, was last. He did a lot of old stuff. The only new stuff I remember, was the tour theme song, The Cowboy Rides Away." He brought our Martina McBride for a couple of duets. He cut the show off with only one encore, probably because he had been informed that his father died during his performance.

Our sincerest condolences to George and his family at this time.....

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