Thursday, June 13, 2013

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Today, we took time off and went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. This theme park is known for its roller coasters and it has a mess of them. Check out their web site!

Getting in and parking were free. We are season pass holders from Six Flags Fiesta Texas and those season passes are good at any of the Six Flags theme parks. That includes parking, too!

Considering that it is Thursday and school is not out yet, we were surprised at how crowded it was! We later found out that tonight the seniors of some of the local high schools were scheduled to spend all night at the park and it would be open exclusively for them.

This time, one of the original rides, Sky Tower, was open. On the past occasions when we visited, it was always closed. We took the ride to the top and walked around, looking out the windows for almost an hour. I did get some pictures....

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