Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Dr. Pepper Museum

Today, we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum. It is located in the original Dr. Pepper bottling plant on Fifth Street in Waco, Texas. When you come to central Texas, the Dr. Pepper Museum and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame are two must-see stops.

Most of the museum is dedicated to Dr. Pepper, its history and how soda is made and bottled. But Dr. Pepper is not the only soda that started in Waco — Big Red also started here. One of the displays centers around an anamatronic figure, dressed as an early 1900s doctor, telling a little about life of that time and the beginnings of Dr. Pepper.

Other displays included machinery for washing bottles, filling and capping them, trucks which transported them and vending machines that served them. Of course, advertising materials were displayed, including photographs of billboards, magazine ads, wall signs, thermometers, clocks, glasses, paintings, movie and television show "product placements," star and famous personalities endorsements and, of course, television commercials. The emphasis, of course, was on Dr. Pepper, but materials for Coke, Pepsi, 7UP, Big Red, Big Blue, Royal Crown Cola, Moxie, Canada Dry, and a hundred other, lesser known brands were on display.

Across the plaza from the museum, there is another building with a soda shop, gift shop and even more displays. One that caught my attention for a while was a G-scale model train display.

This building also contains an art gallery with a number of paintings with "product placement" type advertising. I especially liked this well-executed painting of a young woman in a canoe drinking a Royal Crown Cola.

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