Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's Graduation Time!

The day is finally coming. My wife is graduating! She has earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Animal Science. The actual diploma arrived in yesterday's mail. The ceremony is on Cinco de Mayo. This has been a long time in the making.

Most of her family will be here. Her brother is flying in from California. Her sister is flying in from New York. Her parents are supposed to be RVing in from California. The bad news is that her father is having severe coughing fits. They are telling us they will turn around and head back home.

It should be a good day, any way. My wife and her siblings seldom get together any more. The distances are just too great and time is too precious. We plan to spend the weekend at one of the local parks. They have cabins and the lodge has a restaurant the serves excellent meals. Our tenants will care for the herd and the dogs while we are gone.

Other news: Max may be leaving! A young couple dropped by the other day and looked at him. They said that they would take him as soon as they got the $300.00 pet deposit together and gave it to their landlord. It will be good to have the isolation compound back.

Speaking about our tenants... They have a new puppy. It is supposed to be part husky and part wolf. From the looks of him, he is mostly husky. Good thing, too! If any canine starts acting like a wolf, some rancher is going to very quickly shoot it. As long as it acts like a dog and doesn't bother the livestock, there should not be a problem. To compound the matter, our tenant's sister and brother-in-law also have a new puppy. This one is a pit bull. Just as long as they keep him at their place when he gets bigger. Pit bulls are not known for being good around livestock, although there is a tremendous variation between different dogs. My wife is very leery about both dogs, and understantably so, especially with the tenant's very young niece and nephew. I am more concerned about the husky-wolf cross than the pit bull. We will see what happens.


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