Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day - She Got the Job

My wife went on a job interview to a horse ranch today. It turned into an all-day affair and, best of all, she got the job! She is working for a horse trainer, "breaking" horses. We are not talking about wild mustangs. These are saddle horses which have not been ridden for a while. After a prolonged "vacation," some of them are not happy being saddled and ridden again. She will saddle them, ride them and renew their lessons on how to respond to the reins and their rider's signals. This looks like a job she will really enjoy!

A decision was reached today. One of our female dogs is "in heat." This is attracting the attention of our male and the males from at least one of the neighboring ranches. This is a good thing, as it should provide us with another litter of puppies to sell. However, this female is not interested in mating. She sits down and growls when one of the males tries to mount her. The decision has been made - if she will not breed, she will be sold to another ranch where they are not looking to breed dogs.

Other than that, with the rain today, we did not get much work done here at the ranch. The weather should be better tomorrow.


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