Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Kids on the Ranch

Good news and bad news! The good news: doe #13 delivered twins! The bad news: one was stillborn and she walked away from the other. We think this is the second time she walked away from her kids. My wife, the chief rancher, has ruled that if #13 walks away from another kid, she will gain a name - "4Sale".

Other good news: My wife's mother will be here for her graduation! Unfortunately, her father is staying in California to recuperate.

Another complication to graduation - the new kid. For the next week, this kid will need to be bottle fed every two to three hours. After that, we can stretch it out to once every three, then four hours. We have set up the small animal cage in the kitchen for the new kid to call home for the next three weeks.

As for the rest of the animals, our tenant's children will care for them for two days. This will allow us to spend time with my wife's family while they are in town. We plan to spend the weekend at one of the local Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) parks, the Canyon of the Eagles. Of course, the new kid will have to come with us.

The puppies are really getting active. They are wandering all around the barn and main pasture. We will be putting an advertisement in the local classifieds. It's time to sell this crop.


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