Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Shopping at Bass Pro Shop

Earlier today, my family and I went Christmas shopping in Round Rock, TX. Round Rock is the home of two destinations: Round Rock Premium Outlets and the Bass Pro Shop. (Full disclosure: I do not like to shop, period.)

Bass Pro Shop

I have never been to a Bass Pro Shop before. Boy, was I in for a surprise. My wife parked in one of the handicap spaces and I dutifully hung her blue placard. Her knee was doing pretty good, so she decided to leave the wheelchair and cane in the truck, knowing that if she needed either one of us could just walk out and fetch.

As we walked up to the main door, we were greeted by this:

Note the second welcome, just over the doors... I just had to take pictures, just to prove that I was not in the third category in describing the place!

Inside those doors is a lobby. Just look at those very comfortable couches!

To the right of the couches was this H.U.G.E fireplace!

Panning to the right, there was this small Christmas tree.

On the other side of this lobby, there was this H.U.G.E Christmas tree...

Beyond the lobby, was this main aisle...

This wildlife theme was carried on throughout the store. Here is a fitting room...

The store had the expected collection of boats, boots, clothing, fishing supplies, outdoor and camping gear, and weapons for sale. One surprising entry that instantly caught my attention:

Walking down to the other end of the store, we found another lobby. This lobby was nautically themed. The crowing jewel here was this fisherman...

To the left of that statue is a restaurant and a bar inside the "fishbowl" bowling alley! Here, the theme is the fishing and sea life...

All that walking took a toll on my wife's knee and made us thirsty, too. We stopped at the bar and ordered four Duck IPAs (IPA: India Pale Ale, a type of beer) and a medium pizza.

Yes, between all the gawking, we actually did some Christmas shopping!

Round Rock Premium Outlets

It's a shopping mall with minimal holiday decorations. 'Nuff said.

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