Sunday, March 26, 2017

Marti Gras at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

We headed down to San Antonio for a little rest and relaxation. At Six Flags Fiesta Texas, they were doing something new this year - Marti Gras! I know, according to the calendar, Marti Gras should have been celebrated back in February. In New Orleans this year, there were parties and parades all during the beginning January 6, up until "Fat Tuesday" — February 28, this year. Because it is based on the movable Christian holiday of Easter, Fat Tuesday varies from year to year.

Six Flags, of course, did its own thing. This sign at the entrance gate says it all. This year is the 25 year that Six Flags has operated Fiesta Texas and, for this park, this aniversary is a once-in-a-lifetime big deal for the park. Marti Gras is just the harbinger of the anniversary celebration!

Surprisingly, there were few Marti Gras decorations. Almost all of them appeared in the Rockville section. Here is a shot in front of the "High School" showing the Marti Gras king and queen statues.

In the late afternoon, they scheduled a parade. For this, they went all out. We were told that all of the floats were borrowed from this year's Marti Gras celebration in New Orleans. Many of the staff dressed up in costumes and demonstrated skills not normally a part of their jobs at Six Flags &endash including juggling, stilt-walking, musical instruments and acrobatics.

Here comes the parade!!

Note the Six Flag touch just behind the banner at the beginning of the parade. Warner Brothers cartoon characters were scattered throughout the parade.

Here comes the first float...

Although there were people on the floats, they were not as crowded as in the pictures I saw from the Marti Gras in New Orleans. The people on the floats did throw beads into the crowd — lots of beads!

This float had more of a Carnival feel to it, with the "Day of the Dead" theme.

Now, for a more patriotic theme....

A few costumed characters...

Now, float with an assortment of themes...

Photo-bombed by Sylvester!

The Jester Queen....

And now, the Royal Barge...and Lola Bunny

Although Fiesta Texas did a great job with their Marti Gras celebration, they missed an opportunity. As New Orleans has Marti Gras, our neighbors to the south celebrate ¡Carnival!. Perhaps, next year they will add this to the Fiesta section. They could also add distinctive Marti Gras and Carnival foods to the menu temporarily (at an extra cost, of course)

In total, Six Flags Fiesta Texas did a great job! May next year be even better!

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