Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wild Days at Sea World, San Antonio

Jack is Back! No, not that Jack - you've got the wrong season! It's Wild Days, so of course, the Jack is Jungle Jack Hanna!

Jack Hanna is the Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, Ohio. Every year, he travels around the country with several unusual species. Usually, he comes to Sea World the week after he stops by ‎Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel, whic was previously hosted by David Letterman.

Here he is, holding court in the Nautilus Amphitheater. He did two show there this afternoon. The disabled bald eagle, shown below, was one of the guests he brought with him this year. Due to an injury, this eagle is flightless and cannot be released into the wild.

In the evening, Sea World hosted a chicken-and-barbecue dinner for Jack and about five hundred paying guests. The guests had the opportunity to meet, talk with and take selfies with Jack. This is the third year we have attended.

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