Saturday, May 20, 2017

Montgomery Gentry at Billy Bob's Texas

Today, we headed back to Billy Bob's. Tonight, Montgomery Gentry will take the stage.

Yesterday, I tried to describe Billy Bob's. Here are a couple of photographs I took...

This first one shows the window to their famed pizza kitchen, along with several of the seemingly hundreds of neon signs. The one at the left says "Showroom" with an arrow to the right below.

This shows a view from one corner of the main room. Immediately in front is a bar. To the left of the bar is a passage leading to a dance floor. In the background on the left is another bar, clear across the room. Behind the bar is another dance floor and behind that dance floor is the bar in the middle of the room.

Beyond what you can see in this picture are the pool tables, two additional kitchens, tables, their retail store, and much more! The place is huge!!

Promptly, at 9:30 PM, Montgomery Gentry took the stage in the Showroom. They covered many old favorites, including:

  • My Town
  • Something to be Proud of
  • Gone
  • Hell, Yeah!
  • Long Line of Loosers
  • She Couldn't Change Me
  • Where I Come From

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