Saturday, May 20, 2006

Her Job May Just Work Out

Well, my wife has been on the job for a week now. She is breaking horses at a ranch in the eastern part of our county. The major project she is working on is a very skittisy mule. He has been ridden in the past, but from his behaviour, she thinks he may have been abused. So far, she has gotten him to take the blanket and the saddle. Getting him to accept the bridle and bit is proving the be a real challenge. After she succeeds at this, she can begin to try getting on him. I will lay odds that the first time, she will be bucked off.

She believes in this job. She has arranged an interview for her best friend to inverview at the same ranch. Although her best friend grew up on a farm, somehow I find it difficult to see her breaking horses for a living.

The school year is winding down for our children. My daughter has just finished the third, and final, presentation of her junior high school's production of The Music Man. It was a very ambitious project for any junior high, but her choir teacher persisted and they pulled it together. Next week, it will be my son's turn. His choir class will have their eend of year receital on Monday.


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